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A Brief and Biased History of Love

  • Publisher: ‎  Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd (1 Dec. 2023)

  • Language: ‎  English

  • Paperback: ‎ 40 pages

  • ISBN-10: ‎    1912710552

  • ISBN-13: ‎    978-1912710553


Fran Lock writes:

"There is so much to say about A Brief and Biased History of Love: how it tackles our imperfect and sometimes selfish notions of romantic love, the ambivalent affections of familial love, the spiritual loves that both nourish and wither us, our doomed hero worship and our bitter disillusionments. But the rich, strange depths of this collection must be explored to be fully appreciated. However deep the reader dives, however dark it gets, they are sure to come back with treasure. That is the true triumph of this collection: how full it is of unexpected turns, ecstatic phrasemaking, a vivid inner life. It leaves you with the knowledge that there is more to us than most suppose."

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