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Alan Humm's Writing

Alan Humm is an author and the editor of One Hand Clapping magazine. Praised for his "absolutely terrific" recreation of Dickensian London, his "ecstatic phrasemaking" and his "powerfully visceral" and "luminous" poems, he has written three novels and two books of poetry. The Sparkler, his novel about Charles Dickens, was published in May 2024 and his first poetry collection, A Brief and Biased History of Love, is out now.



For The Sparkler

"This is absolutely terrific – thoroughly steeped in Dickens's own idioms and ideas while also taking a step back and coolly assessing them from a distance. It's... reminiscent (in a good way) of the rich period atmospheres generated by those two neo-Victorian Peters, Ackroyd and Carey." Professor Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

"A remarkable Dickens-fi debut." Philip Hoare
"The Sparkler is glittering and luminous." Carol McKay



For A Brief and Biased History of Love

"That is the true triumph of this collection: how full it is of unexpected turns, ecstatic phrasemaking, a vivid inner life. It leaves you with the knowledge that there is more to us than most suppose." Fran Lock

"A soft, blunt, insistent rhythm in Alan Humm's lines beats time to accounts of absent friends, of past and present violence, of love's uncertainties." David Harsent

"Alan Humm's poised and poignant debut pinpoints the lingering shimmer of shared experience with exceptional confidence and compassion." Josephine Balmer
"This is an impressive, thoughtful debut. To accompany him as a reader in his search is surprising and rewarding." Louise Peterkin

"This debut collection merits reading and re-reading with its fresh, startlingly original images and equally original angles on ordinary lives, losses and loves." Patricia McCarthy

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